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4 Ways to Handle Eating Spicy Food

It’s okay to have your best items on deck when your taste-buds are battling spicy food. I have to admit sometimes have a particular sauce or drink nearby just in case it gets too much. So what can I recommend you to to combat the spice taste of when it becomes too much for your tongue? Please note a majority of these recommendations contain dairy so if you’re lactose intolerant, you’ll have to look for non-dairy products as an alternative if you’re lactose intolerant.

Dairy Drinks

Forget water, that is an afterthought! In my opinion, milk products are the main key to help combat eating spicy food. Milk contains a fatty protein called casein that acts as a detergent washing away the spice, not completely but just enough to help you out while eating. Have a milkshake or a Lassi drink nearby when eating spicy food. Because Lassi contains yogurt and most milkshakes includes milk and/or ice cream inside,  a chilling drink like these is refreshing.

Cold Fruit

There’s something about the taste of fruit that goes well after eating spicy food. Having it before or in between doesn’t work so make sure this is after you eaten and still have a bit of room in your belly. When they are just ripe, mangoes and peaches usually do the trick because there is that watery, juicy taste after biting into one of these. Alternatively, strawberries and kiwi’s can also help too.

Eat some chocolate

I find myself eating a bit of chocolate after spicy food and I don’t know why but it helps. But make sure the chocolate you are eating has nothing inside of it, that includes no mint, caramel, nuts – NADA! I tend to have milk or dark chocolate as it feels like it neutralises the spice more in my opinion but it is up to you if you also prefer white chocolate for a better relief and preference.


This is a bit weird but I firmly believe that mayonnaise helps lower the burning sensation on your tongue when you use this sauce especially if you are eating Singaporean or Chinese fried food. Many people I know hate it but trust me when I say that with spice, it’s a god sent. You’ll thank me later! And if Hellman’s doesn’t work, try the Kewpie brand. It won’t kill off the spicy taste more quicker but it creates a strangely sweeter taste to your food and it becomes easier to get through eating.

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