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Best Countries I’ve travelled to for spicy food

Dishes from countries that are full of seasoning, spice and everything nice! Of all the 18 countries I’ve travelled to, there’s three countries where you can find back-to-back spicy food in their cuisine. It never felt like I had an unseasoned dish. I’d like to present you with the best countries that I’ve had the pleasure of eating at. I’ll recommend some of my favourites as well that you can try upon visiting the country.


It wouldn’t be a post if I didn’t add the country where my family is from. Jamaica is the highlight of the Caribbean and a country known for spice, everyone knows it. I always look forward to eating it, especially when it’s home-cooked. It’s a paradise will all the jerk and scotch bonnet pepper in dishes.

Not in Jamaica, I’m afraid

You can find it in dishes such as jerk chicken, jerk pork, curry chicken, pepper pot soup and curry goat. You can even taste some pepper in patties, and sometimes, corn beef with rice like my family did. Although other Caribbean islands have similar food, the taste is different and I’m proud Jamaica is realised for it’s spicy cuisine.


Korea is basically my third home and the amount of spice here is amazing for any spice lover. Korea wouldn’t be Korea without it’s chilli flakes, pepper pastes and fresh chillies. The seasonings and marinade sauces bring such a peppery depth to so many classic dishes.

I’ve spent most of Summer and Autumn trying out most of the spiciest stews, noodle and rice dishes. You can count on me to recommend everything and anything. You can’t go wrong with ddukbokki for starters and after that, you’ll discover more. There’s dakgalbi, jjimdak, nakji bokkeum, jjampong and other soups and stews. You also cant forget the variety of instant ramyeon such as samyang buldak bokkeumyeon, jin ramyeon and neoguri, which you can enjoy eating in the comfort of your own home.


Nepal and Nepali cuisine is still relatively new to me. But upon going to Kathmandu for my friend’s wedding, I ate a wide range of peppery goodness in dals, buffalo momos with achaar sauce and curries. Kathmandu was a wondrous place that game me a different view of South Asia that I never expected. People were friendly and it’s a very big city with many restaurants hidden all around.

My friends said that I’ve only gotten a small taste. They said next time I need to try Gorkhali lamb, Chatpate and Choila. Just looking at pictures, they looked amazing and extra spicy. Lately, I’ve been looking at dishes online, from Gurkha’s and I really want to try Sadheko Sukti and Sunsari Pork to now a few.

Of course the world is our oyster and I have not yet visited the obvious countries that are known for spicy food. I would love to one day travel to China, India, Mexico and Thailand which are infamous for spicy dishes. I’m excited to try them in my future travels and introduce them to you all in the years to come.

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