Nyam with Ny

Slurp, Presenting Pan-Asian Chilli Dishes

I'm so thankful that Slurp has continued to survive in 2020. One of Streatham's ongoing and most popular restaurants...

Gurkha’s, Balham’s Finest for Spicy Nepali Cuisine

I hadn't eaten Nepali food in over two years and I was craving to have momo's again. I was happy to find out Gurkha's wasn't f

Sichuan Hot Pot at Haidilao

I have mentioned that I love Sichuan and I had heard that Hai Di Lao is a popular chain for Hot Pot in China that I had to go.

Sichuan Restaurant in Greenwich (川妹子)

Sichuan is a powerful spice that has become one of my favourites. The lace is actually quite well-known in South East London a

Dapanji at Etles Uyghur

Up in North East London, there is a small restaurant a few minutes away from the Walthamstow Central station. This restaurant

The Real Jerk Review

It's always best to try local places and be able to recommend them with confidence to you all. The Real Jerk is owned by Ed an

5 Takeaway Places to Create-Your-Own Spicy Pizza

See, people underestimate how much they create with the ingredients from the takeaway places. To follow up of the great post t

Murger Han’s Xi’an Biang Biang noodles

There are little gems hidden all around London that I have yet to discover but one place I enjoy going is located near the Uni

Negril’s Spicy Starters

Brixton still has it's hidden gems that carry that Caribbean spice and good food we all know and love. Negril is another one o