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CoCo Ichibanya Singapore Review

The CoCo curry adventure continue in Singapore, the Lion City! After travelling to Vietnam, I wanted to see how Singapore’s Coco Ichibanya was like. My sixth stop came after I had tried in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. But for now, let me talk about CoCo Ichibany in Singapore.

One thing I try and think is if depending on the country, will the spice level reflect similarly? For example, Singapore is probably the most diverse country in Asia with a big community of people from Chinese, Malaysian and Indian backgrounds. Despite this, the spice and taste was very similar when I tried it in Vietnam and the UK but a little weaker.

This time, I tried mine at the Plaza Singapura in Orchard Road. It’s very similar to be honest as I tucked into my curry and discovered that the highest level (Level 5) was similar to Japan’s level 3. I wonder if it’s because Singapore is diverse like the UK so they had to weaken the spice.

The tender cutlets including the chicken and pork cutlet and the breaded prawn. They were delicious as usual and the presentation is on point as it should be. There’s still the signature taste once you put the curry into your mouth, no doubt. One thing I recommend getting the Singapore branch is the omelette as you can add spice to it unlike the UK branch.

Some new toppings on the menu such as bacon, salmon cream croquette, grilled squid with mayonnaise, grilled garlic prawn, black pepper chicken and salmon teriyaki. One that surprised me that my friend mentioned was wagyu beef steak. I’m surprised Japan didn’t think of having this as a regular.

I’d rank Singapore before the UK despite having a similar taste for one reason. The cheese is underneath the curry and it’s a large amount as it should be for that photogenic pull. I would definitely love to come back and try it as well as some of the different toppings.

Ranking List

  1.  CoCo Ichibanya Japan / Spice Rank 7
  2. CoCo Ichibanya Taiwan / Spice Rank 6
  3. CoCo Ichibanya Korea / Spice Rank 6
  4. CoCo Ichibanya Singapore / Spice Rank 5
  5. CoCo Ichibanya UK / Spice Rank 4

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