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Dal Bhat, Nepali Curry

Another Nepali dish that was introduced to me in Hong Kong was Dal Bhat/ To put it simply, it’s a lentil curry. Now while there are many Dals entwined in Indian, Bangladesh and Nepalese cuisine, I’ve only eaten it with lamb meat, rice, pak choi and the momo achar sauce cooked by my lovely friends and their families.

Usually the main ingredients are tomato, coriander, tumeric, garam masala and cumin. But I’m sure my friends and their families always added something more to it – especially extra chillies. I don’t think I’ve met a Nepali person who could not handle spice. But please prove me wrong if you are not a huge fan. It is possible to have Dal Bhat with just vegetables but I’ve mainly had it with lamb as the meat base for the dish.

Now, the taste? With the lamb mixed with the chillies and accompanied with the momo ko achar sauce, you’ll be as pleasantly full and happy with the taste as much as I was. I know people might have been expecting the dish to be laid out in a metal tray but homemade on a simple plate is just as good. I can’t wait to try it at my friend’s again and in my spare time, at a Nepali restaurant.

Put some momos together with this meal and you’ll have one of the best dishes ever! And since it’s a familiar taste to other meat and rice dishes, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it too!

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  1. Just looking at those pictures is making me salivate about Dal bhat! Very descriptive post.

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