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The Health Benefits of Spicy food

I’ve always loved that spicy food is not only delicious, but it has some great benefits to my health. There are more perks of eating it that your body will be extremely thankful for in the long run, I promise you. It’s understandable that people also have health problems who prevent them from eating spice. However for the people who can, studies have shown it’s beneficial to your health so take note on why you should consume more spicy food and adding more spices and seasonings to your dishes.


Studies show that spicy food increases your metabolism at a fair rate and helps burn calories. And one thing that can help is Capsaicin. Capsaicin is a chili pepper extract with analgesic properties. It’s recommended that spices and herbs such as cinnamon, black pepper, tumeric and cumin help with this. Dishes such as spicy chickpeas and jalapeno poppers can help with this.

Decreases Health Risks and Diseases

Spices can help reduce a person’s risk of getting conditions such as heart disease and cancer. Eating chilli con carne or a peppery salmon to name a few can work as an antioxidant, help with protecting cells and fighting inflammation, You can count on tumeric, dried chilli peppers and ginger to help with this.

Immune System

Your body needs to fight and defend itself from illnesses such as the flu and spicy food helps with that mainly soups and curries. It increases the body temperature and trigger the immune system into action in fighting the flu such as ginger and red chillies. You’ll find that it has doses of vitamin A + C and antibacterial qualities to fend off infections to your immune system. Studies show that nutmeg, saffron, cayenne pepper and black pepper have antioxidants that support your immune system and aid in fighting off illnesses. The important thing is to start small when building your spice tolerance so your immune system can get used to it.


A lot of people don’t realise spicy food can help improve the digestive fluids in their stomach. Using more cumin, ginger, cardamom in your dishes is a great example. Foods such as spicy garlic shrimp and even kimchi can be beneficial to ulcers and healing an upset stomach that act as a natural remedy for cramps. Just remember to drink plenty of fluids to help out with every meal.

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