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Hiatus in the Unseasoned Kingdom

Until UK borders close and this national lockdown actually works, this spicy food connoisseur cannot go anywhere to travel.

I am going to be slowing down my weekly posts and do monthly posts later on this year and focus on other content that I’m writing elsewhere until then.

2020: The remix, or 2021 is still in full effect as long as COVID-19 is around. Even if I continue doing recipes and takeaway food from the UK, it’s not the only thing I want you all to read. The experience of trying new dishes around the world has to be put on hold as I’m unsure when I can next get out of Brexit Wasteland to supplement spicy food for Nyam with Ny. I want other spicy enthusiasts to continue coming to Nyam with Ny with confidence of new, original peppery content to read and refer to.

I’m hoping the Spicy Food Bucket List can have a few things ticked off its list in hopes of moving forward in a post-normal world for foodies and travellers to get their spirits back. But until the COVID19 situation is contained here and I feel safe to travel, I will be back to posting in newer and revised food from around the world. It’s not the same in one place.

If you would like to commission me as a journalist, translator or editor, please email nyasha@nyamwithny.com.

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