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Is Seoul’s Tantanmen just as spicy?

Tantanmen is the Japanese substitute of Dandanmian (担担面) otherwise known as Sichuan noodles. It’s always interesting for me to try other countries takes on a dish but this is a substitute of a substitute. “탄탄면” or Tantanmyeon as it’s translated in Korean was a dish I came across while living in Japan becoming one of my favourites, even before making a recipe of it.

Tantan Noodles Kitchen

The first time was in Hongdae, an area I know like the back of my hand. In a small restaurant, called Tantan Noodles Kitchen in Hongdae (just a few minutes away from Ganggangsulrae (강강술래), their signature is the Tantanmyeon. You can also get sides of fried dumplings and alternatively there’s other dishes like stir-fried pork with rice to have with it for more variety.

Tantan Noodles Kitchen

25, Jandari-ro 6-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul 04039 South Korea @tantannoodleshttps://tantanmyun.co.kr/main_12.html

Seoul Station

The second one was my first meal back in Seoul last September and it was nice to be hit with the Sichuan spice after a while. The broth hits in a good way straight to your throat. It’s a quick fix that you can have in Seoul station before you take a long train out of the city. Unfortunately I cannot remember the shop’s name.

Both were still there when I passed through the areas last year but Korea is always changing with many places are always opening and closing. So if you’re visiting after the pandemic, you should go as soon as possible!

So is it spicier than it Japan? Yes with a more stronger taste. Thankfully, there’s no taste of Gochujang compared to their CoCo Ichibanya. Both Tantan noodles kitchen and are highly recommended next time you step in Seoul.

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