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Isaak’s: Trying Korean spicy food in Hong Kong

Trying another countries cuisine in another country can be a hit or a miss and that’s why authenticity matters like I mentioned in a previous post. While in Hong Kong, I had lessened the amount of Korean food I’ve eaten in the UK but one of my friends was craving spicy Korean food, she knew a local place.

Isaak’s is in Jordan and run by Koreans, so it’s authentic for me. They have a big range of dishes but we ordered mainly Kimchi Jjigae, Ddukbokki, Jjajangmyeon and Korean Fried Chicken. But please forgive the photo quality as I focused more on eating than taking decent pictures!

The spice is present in all dishes, even better than in Korea personally. Kimchi Jjigae in particular was spice and I didn’t taste much sweetness and I’m grateful for it. Their Kimchi Jjigae had more than a few surprises inside such as ricecake, dumplings and I’m sure chopped up sausages from the picture.


My favourite was the Spicy Korean fried chicken and the spice flows through the crispy coating that puts KFC’s own Zinger chicken to shame to be honest. Imagine there was an aftertaste of pepper and I’m still dreaming about the chicken and how they did it.

Isaak’s also has other spicy dishes such as yukgaejang, spicy seafood noodle soup and much more to offer. In addition, there’s also Korean style Japanese dishes. I believe Issak’s is one of the few places that I’d recommend you should try in Hong Kong.


Shop 5, G/F, Wing Fat Mansion, 19-23 Austin Road

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  1. Authentic is so important! I’m glad you enjoyed it. I can definitely relate when it comes to being in too much of a rush to eat to get good photos x


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