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Negril’s Spicy Starters

Brixton still has it’s hidden gems that carry that Caribbean spice and good food we all know and love. Negril is another one off Brixton Hill where it’s name comes from a famous area in Jamaica for it’s cliffs. Earlier this year, they were promoting their 3 for £15 starters in association with Twerk after Work founder Bami Kuteyi and I had to go!

Among the starters, you had the choice of Jerk wings, callaloo, saltfish fritters, plantain, jerk ribs, sweet potato fries and festival. May I also recommend that you get the rum punch together with your starters? It tastes great and if you’re a strong drinker. And the presentation was simple and nice for me and my friends food:

Saltfish fritters, Plantain and Jerk wings

My friend commented that the saltfish fritters and plantain were nice and soft. There was plenty in each bowl per starter but was craving for more after it was all done.

Callaloo, Saltfish Fritters and Plantain

As my friends got two similar dishes, one of them added callaloo. Both got the extra hot sauce which was scotch bonnet and was definitely spicy to the tongue.

Jerk chicken, Sweet potato fries and Festival

For my plate, the festival and the sweet potato fries was not so sweet which I liked. Like my friend, the jerk wings were delicious and had a lot of jerk on it.

All in all, the taste of jerk combined with additional hot sauce was what I needed that night and I’m always craving to go back to Negril. I think this is one deal that I hope they are still doing even now as you get a good taste of a few Caribbean favourites here and there.

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