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Slurp, Presenting Pan-Asian Chilli Dishes

I’m so thankful that Slurp has continued to survive in 2020. One of Streatham’s ongoing and most popular restaurants has provided local customers with a range of Far East Asian dishes from countries such as Malaysia, Japan, Korea and Thailand. The range of dishes is as big as a restaurant in Central London so there’s so much.

I’ve tried a number of dishes including the chilli beef ramen, chicken with black bean sauce and vermicelli in singapore style. But there’s two that I’m always going back for and I highly recommend having if you have the chance to try with portions just as big. The spice is way more than a kick, to the point from other local restaurants and I’m sure that’s why more people like me frequently have been supporting a place like this for years.

There’s a lot of flavours that go on the Chilli Yakisoba that combats nicely with the spice. The red chilli’s are visible but you are not ready for the spice that impacts your mouth, in agood way. With the taste of benishoga (a red pickled ginger), it has a sour but sharp taste to the spice but it complements each other. I feel like the chillies carry the whole dish.

Listen, there are very few restaurants that do black bean with meat very well and Slurp is one that I say with confidence, you need to have. You have to order the Beef with Black Bean (order from the one dish section that gets served with egg fried rice). The spice is a little less impactful as it blends in with the black bean sauce and the egg fried rice.

There are more dishes that look as spicy and aesthetically pleasing that I want to try such as nasi goreng, salt and pepper squid and ebi chilli men. lease try these dishes and look for the ?️?️ icon next to the dish for a peppery experience like I had.


104 Streatham High Road, London, SW16 1BW @slurprestaurantwebsite

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