Spice Ranking

Spice Ranking

Describing a taste can be hard to explain to people but usually I’m better at giving others a word to describe a dish by a particular spice. So for every post, please find these nine levels below to give you a better idea of what kind of taste I’m trying to describe to you.

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In no way does this list reflect or influence your belief on what is the spiciest but more of a personal perspective that might give you an idea if you ever try a certain dish I recommend.

Scotch Bonnet

The ultimate spice. Eat with extreme caution.

CoCo Ichibanya 10辛

From the look of the dish, it’ll be a peppery challenge.


High level of spice. An immediate fiery taste once you take a bite into this dish.


A spice that tingles and burns your tongue more than your throat.


More deadly and peppery than it seems.



Medium level of spice. The peppery flavour lasts much longer than usual.


More sweet than spicy and can linger a little. You can eat in larger doses in your food.

Nandos Peri-peri


A little tingle of heat but not even a kick.

Wicked Zinger

Standard level of spice. Equivalent to what you find peppery from fast food.

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