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Spicy Food Bloggers to Follow

Community is an important thing for bloggers and since starting my website, I’ve been looking excessively for other spicy foodies who have the same love as I do for making peppery dishes or just trying more spicy dishes.

I thought it would be nice to introduce you all to more foodies who have a love for spicy food as well and some that I dearly follow for their amazing content. It’s always good to look at how others

That Spicy Chick

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Fiery soups with noodles, warming curries, heavenly creamy pastas, and hearty comforting and cozy soups. You guys it is finally fall!! ?⠀ ⠀ Need some cooking inspiration for this season? I’ve created an all-star collection with 11 Must-try Dinner Recipes for Fall just for you all! ?⠀ ⠀ One of my all-time favorite recipes in this list is this mouthwatering Spicy Dan Dan Noodles with Wontons. It’s made with slurp-i-licious noodles and minced pork in a warm and spicy broth, and crowned with some delicious pork & shrimp wontons! ❤️ It’s ready to go in just 45 minutes, loaded with bold and striking Sichuan flavors, and guaranteed to warm up your insides in zero time. ? ⠀ ⠀ RECIPES: Tap @thatspicychick for clickable link in my bio to all these delicious fall recipes, or here you go: https://thatspicychick.com/11-must-try-dinner-recipes-fall/⠀ ⠀ #thatspicychick #fall #fallrecipes #autumn #onthetable #beautifulcuisines #bhgfood #saveurmag #noodles #thekitchn #feedfeed #f52grams #tastingtable #foodphotography #todayfood #dinnerideas #foodblogfeed #getinmybelly #eeeeeats #buzzfeedfood #buzzfeast @thefeedfeed #huffposttaste #foodgawker #foodandwine #easyrecipes #spoonfeed #forkyeah #asianrecipe #chinesefood #vscocam @foodglooby

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  • Your name and the name of your business: Lavina Datwani・That Spicy Chick
  • What country you are from: I’m currently based in Hong Kong, but I was born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan to wonderful Indian parents. I moved to Hong Kong with my family when I was fifteen and then to New York, London, and Singapore for education before returning to Hong Kong in 2012.
  • Small description of your website/blog: That Spicy Chick is a blog that is focused on mostly quick & easy everyday mouthwatering recipes that are often with a spicy kick. You’ll also find some deliciously sweet treats and desserts on the blog to enjoy after a spicy meal! Lavina is an extremely passionate about all types of food and love trying and cooking with different ingredients. Her goal is to inspire people to make every bite of food super delicious and to make it count!
  • Website, Instagram and contact info: That Spicy Chick Website@thatspicychickEmailContact Form
  • Future posts, Recipes or Events: Check some of Lavina new recipes such as killer Apricot Almond Oat Slice, Greek Yogurt Pizza Dough or Spicy BBQ Chicken Pasta. 

What I love about That Spicy Chick is the recipes are always present at the bottom of the post on Instagram for you to view on the website. It is easy to navigate and quality of the photos motivates you to create your own. Luckily, the recipes are there and very easy to follow!

Serious Spice

  • Your name and the name of your business: Sara Shaul・Serious Spice
  • Small description of your website/blog: Serious Spice is a food blog filled with spicy fusion recipes influenced by Sara’s Persian background, upbringing in Los Angeles and time spent living in Tel Aviv, Israel. Her unique way of blending cultures gives you flaming hot flavor combinations you never knew you needed until now! 
  • Website, Instagram and contact info: Serious Spice Website@seriousspiceEmail
  • Future posts, Recipes or Events: Sara is currently planning a series of restaurant reviews for the best spicy dishes in Los Angeles—from brunch to late night food spots.

Serious Spice’s website has a range of dishes from brunch to dinner and most dishes are quite saucy which I absolutely love. I feel like all of the food photos are very dream-like in my opinion.

Spicy Addict

  • Your name and the name of your business: Chris Adams・Spicy Addict
  • Small description of your website/blog: Spicy Addict shares spicy recipes, products, and product reviews with its expansive social media audience. 
  • Website, Instagram and contact info: Spicy Addict Website@spicyaddictEmail
  • Future posts, recipes or events: SpicyAddict is launching a new and improved website in the next couple of months!

Spicy Addict is very interesting and it always has the ease to find spice for their followers. I like that their website provides you with some great baskets of products and pastes. They also find and introduce you to more foodies. Please check out these foodies and there are many more I will introduce to you who bring a bigger spicy perspective. Maybe a Part 2? Let me know what you think and comment below!

Chili Pepper Madness

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Phall Curry – the HOTTEST CURRY in the WORLD! YES! With this phaal curry recipe, you can make the spiciest, hottest curry in the world with chicken, loads of seasonings, and extra fiery ghost peppers. And, I’ll show you how to make it even hotter! . INGREDIENTS . 1 pound chicken breast chopped (or use lamb) 1 tablespoon vegetable oil 3 ghost peppers chopped (use habanero peppers for less intense heat, or use extra hot peppers like 7 Pot peppers, scorpion peppers, or the hottest pepper in the world, the Carolina Reaper, for the hottest phaal curry ever!) 1 medium onion chopped 1/4 cup chopped green onions 4 cloves garlic chopped 1 tablespoon finely chopped ginger 1 tablespoon curry powder I use 2 tablespoons in mine! 1 teaspoon paprika 1 teaspoon cardamom powder 1 teaspoon turmeric 1 teaspoon cumin 2 tablespoons tomato paste 14 ounce can diced tomatoes or use equivalent fresh 1 cup chicken broth or use vegetable stock Salt and pepper to taste Juice from fresh limes + lime wedges for serving Chopped cilantro and spicy chili flakes or parsley for serving 2 cups cooked rice for serving . On the Blog Today. Tap @ChiliPepperMadness and Click the Link in Bio. . Hashtag #chilipeppermadness if you make this recipe. . https://www.chilipeppermadness.com/recipes/phaal-curry/ . #chilihead #spicyfood #spicyfoodlover #cookit #kitchenbowl #foodie_features #dailyfoodpic #recipeontheblog #foodblogfeed #feedfeed #foodblogeats #todayfood #dinnerideas #easydinner #recipeoftheweek #recipeoftheday #recipeshare #shareyourtable #thecookfeed #getinmybelly #TimetoEat #YummyFood #EasyMeals #HomeCooking #hotandspicy #spiceitup #heresmyfood #foodblogger #feedyoursoul

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  • Your name and the name of your business: Mike & Patty Hultquist・ Chili Pepper Madness
  • Small description of your website/blog  – The purpose of Chili Pepper Madness is to inspire creative cooking and fun, often with chili peppers.
  • Website, Instagram and contact info: Chilli Pepper Madness Website@chillipeppermadnessEmail

Chili Pepper Madness offers a range of recipes to make your own chilli sauce, paste or recipes. Feel free to purchase some products such as the cookbook, sauce bottles and more. I always love seeing what else they post on Instagram.

Spicy Candied Life

  • Name of your business: Jin・Spicy Candied Life
  • Small description of your website/blog: Spicy Candied Life shares Jin’s love of cooking and eating food, and exploring different food culture. 
  • Website, Instagram and contact infoSpicy Candied Life Website ・ @spicycandiedlifeEmail
  • Future posts, recipes or events: Spicy Candied Life is expanding it’s contents to home and table decoration as well as food in the future.

All Things Spicy

  • Name of your business: D’Juan Love・All Things Spicy
  • Small description of your website/blog: All Things Spicy does spicy food reviews from an avid collector of hot sauce.
  • Instagram, YouTube and contact info: @allthingspicyYouTubeFacebookEmail
  • Future posts, recipes or events: All Things Spicy is preparing to start doing cooking videos and tours of places that manufacture or sell hot food items on YouTube. Please check them out when you have the time!

If you love all things spicy, you should follow All Things Spicy! What I love is that every two posts, there is a selection of hot sauces that you may have not ever heard about that!

Spicy Sojol

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रंगो के त्योहार होली की हार्दिक शुभकामनायें आपको और आपके परिवार को। This is My Holi Plate, what about you ?? In my plate 1. पूआ 2. दही बड़ा 3. मटन करी 4. चिकन मसाला 5. चिकन चिल्ली 6. ब्रेड कटलेट 7. गाजर का हलवा और साथ मे होली स्पैशल ठंडई ?. . For more mouthwatering dishes and food updates follow @spicy_sojol and use #spicysojol to get featured. . ❌❌ Don’t repost without permission ??. . #chicken #indianfoodblogger #ranchi #holi #ranchifoodblogger #nonveg #food #festival #foodporn #chickenbiryani #biryanilovers #indianfood #yummy #foodblogger #foodgasm #biryanilove #instafood #sochabatadu #foodphotography #tasty #delicious #biryanilover #foodlover #foodstagram #mutton #foodies #tandoorichicken #indiancuisine #stayspicy

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  • Your name and the name of your business: Sojol Chakrobarty・Spicy Sojol
  • Description of your website/blog: Spicy Sojol is a page and platform to showcase the wide diversity of street foods across the globe.
  • Instagram and contact info: @spicysojolEmail

What I really like about Spicy Sojol is that it presents South Asian dishes that are quite spicy and not very known about. It encourages a few followers and even myself a look into more chilli dishes and seasonings that we may not be aware about. So, thank you Sojol.

Other Spicy Foodies

These two I want to mention are based in Asia that I follow. I highly recommend you to check out these guys below as their content is mouth-watering:


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突然間諗起喺重慶一食難忘的涼粉 真係好想好想去重慶食嘢同探我好朋友 希望肺炎快啲過去 香港同埋重慶回歸安全?? . 傷心涼粉? . 新鮮超辣嘅指天椒加豉油配上冰凍涼粉 最啱夏天食? 餐廳環境好好坐得好舒服! 其他菜式都有樣有水準 而且位置喺重慶市中心 食完可以喺周圍嘅景點行下 ———————— 小濱樓??? 地址:重慶市渝中區民權路88號日月光中心廣場4/F 價格: RMB¥60-80/人 營業時間: 11:30-21:00 電話: (023)63838858 #川北涼粉#重慶#重慶市#渝中#重慶麻辣火鍋#麻辣小天后#麻辣#譚仔#辣椒#食好西#川菜#四川菜#食評#相機食先#foodporn#foodie#numb#spicy#chilli#numbandspicy#numbandspicyhotpot#hotpot#chili#Chongqing#chinesefood#chongqingfood#hkfoodig#hkfoodstagram#hkfoodie#hkfood

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特製唐唐郎らー麺 災害レベルサイタマLv最強のヒーロー シビレ全入れ 海苔ダブルチャーシューダブル #中目黒 #唐唐郎 #ラーメン #激辛ラーメン #激辛 #辛い #緊急事態宣言出たけど普通に仕事 #サイタマはトリニダードがダブルなんだけど一つ朝天唐辛子に変更してもらった? #神がかった旨辛バランス? #最高に美味しかった??? #大サービスありがとうございました?‼️ #お店開けるのも休むのも食べに行くのも行かないのもどれが正解なのかわからないよね #仕事しないと生きてけないし #外出してるのに外食自粛は変だし #休みの日は外出自粛して仕事の日は引き続き激辛を提供してくださるお店を全力で応援させて頂きます??? #ちなみに私は車通勤?

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I want to bring more awareness to amazing spicy foodies, pages and entrepreneur’s who provide peppery content and more just like myself! Please check out these cool foodies because they’ll brighten up your screens with their collection of recipes and delicious content.

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