Nyam with Ny

Madras at Taj Mahal, Streatham

In these times, it's important to support more local restaurants and lately I've been going back and forth to order more India

Nyam Recipes – Chilli Chicken Ramen

I finally made ramen!! After missing the taste of delicious ones back in my second home in Tokyo and around London...

Nyam Recipes – Octopus & Shrimp Marinated in Yuzu Kosho

Yuzu Kosho (柚子こしょう) is a Japanese chilli citrus paste that is frequently used in salad, chicken and fish dishes...

Gurkha’s, Balham’s Finest for Spicy Nepali Cuisine

I hadn't eaten Nepali food in over two years and I was craving to have momo's again. I was happy to find out Gurkha's wasn't f

A Peppery Selection of Vietnam Dishes

Vietnam was a wondorous place with many dishes to try and places to explore. I regret not eating more when I explored Hanoi, H

Nyam Recipes – Chilli Beef Burritos

Making burritos has been something I have grown to love making during lockdown. I've made so many at home that I'm confident I

How to Find the Spiciest Food Restaurants

It can be hard to find out where the spicy food is in your hometown or abroad if you're a first-timer. To be honest, it's not

3 Spicy Soups from Korea

One thing that got me to love soups (except for Jamaican soup) more were from Korean culture. Maybe it's the extra addition of

Spicy Food Bloggers to Follow

Community is an important thing for bloggers and since starting my website, I’ve been looking excessively for other spic