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Taiwan’s Pork Pepper Buns (胡椒餅)

Only ten days had I visited Taipei and Jiufen and I had fallen in love with the country and what it introduced me to – good people, interesting culture and best of all, food. I wish I had more time to be able to try a lot of delicious specialties that Taiwan had to offer. But I’ll be revisiting very soon!

Taiwan is literally food lover central. By day, there’s things you can eat all the time like xiaolongbao, pineapple cake and hotpot. By night, you can’t forget about the night markets and being able to get some stinky tofu, 3-cup chicken and bubble tea.

One treat I kept finding and wanting to try was the Pork Pepper Buns (also  known as “胡椒餅 • Hújiāo Bing”). It seemed like everyone local was buying it from morning to night and I really wanted to try because of the long queues for this one bun. It’s origins come from the Fujian Province of China. The main ingredient of course is pork which is so tender on the inside but on the outer shell is a bit crunchy which is a nice contrast.

I got lucky because there was a small  place near Taipei Main Station I try and I thought, why not try? Spice wise, it has a little mixed into it because of the evident black and white pepper but honestly it is nothing a spicy enthusiast can’t handle. Blending in with the spring onion, pork and scallion, it’s a great touch! The thing is I got lucky and went to a small place near Taipei Main Station I try and I thought, why not try? At first bite, wow it has a little spice in it and with the spring onion it’s a nice touch! I’m grateful that it does.

I can’t speak for the whole of Taiwan but you can find the pork pepper buns in some of Taipei’s night markets such as Raohe Street and Shilin and certain food stalls all over the city. As long as you see the big pot, you’ll know you’re in the right place.

I encourage you to definitely try this if you are a big fan of pork. It could be a morning to-go-to or a night snack as you wander around the sights of Taiwan. It’s waiting for you!

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  1. Tainwan has been on my travel list too long. I need to get on out of Japan and around Asia soon! I think I would like this pork bun

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