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Tastes of Nepal – Momo & Ko Achar

I was first introduced to Nepali food from some work friends in the past. You could say it’s similar to Indian cuisine however I personally think seasoning and certain dishes are slightly different. Let me start your introduction for Nepalese food – with one side and one sauce that my own Nepalese friends led me to grow to love – Momo dumplings and Momo Ko Achar sauce.

When my friend brought me momos into work, it was more the sauce next to it – momo ko achar – that brings a more delicious chilli flavour to the momos. To give you a better idea, Momos would be a Jamaican patty or a signature side that you might be used to in your hometown. I’ve had homemade momos in London, Hong Kong and restaurants in the heart of Kathmandu and every time I’ve eaten them, they had an authentic taste and feeling put into the dumplings.

Buffalo momos in Nepal itself are highly recommended but the alternative is usally pork which is just as good.

The momo ko achar sauce is also very simple to make. I watched my friend grind some of the most important ingredients – tomatoes, sesame seeds, dried chillies, black pepper and a few others. The sauce does change in colour depending on seasoning so it’s up to you to add more or less dried chillies and tomatoes. I’m also sure in some places they remove the coriander (for the people who aren’t a fan of it).

A lot of English people are more accustomed to Indian cuisine but I urge you to try momos and other Nepali food when you can in order to dive into a new cuisine of food that you might like. One of my favourite Nepali restaurants in London is Gurkha’s Diner in Balham. and I highly recommend you should go there as their momo’s are delicious.

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