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The Real Jerk Review

It’s always best to try local places and be able to recommend them with confidence to you all. The Real Jerk is owned by Ed and Lily Pottinger. Originally they started in Toronto and opened a branch in the heart of Streatham. When The Real Jerk opened, I was intrigued to go, try and recommend another black owned Caribbean food places to places who couldn’t have my home cooking.

I was there for a friend’s late birthday treat and the restaurant’s setup and look was nice. We ordered quite a bit including curry goat, jerk wings, curry chicken, macaroni cheese, plantain and boiled cabbage.

My fiend reminded me how delicious boiled cabbage is. As well as that, the macaroni cheese needs to be ordered. as it’s a stable dish and the way The Real Jerk does it is perfection.

Please order both the curry goat and curry chicken as they were both worth it. I recommend all of the above to be honest especially the jerk wings, macaroni cheese and curry goat.

The only downsize I have to be honest is the price as I feel like it could be a bit cheaper despite the high quality (from £10-£12 to £7-£9 at least).

There is the signature jerk taste in the jerk wings that made it more better as some places in the UK cannot get it right. The authenticity in the cooking is there. The spice is just right and stays in your mouth, not sizzles out after a bite or two.

What’s great is that they have been open during lockdown for people to try their food until customers can come back and be seated again. It’s also a black owned business that’s on the list I created so please support them!

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