Regular Travellers

Regular Travellers

Japanese Level

For people who are around N4 – N3 level. One should be able to listen, read, write and speak coherent conversations in everyday situations, spoken at near-natural speed, and is generally able to follow their contents as well.

Areas to Stay & Accommodation


Expect a lot from a foodie! Sorry but I don’t eat sushi or unagi no recommendations there.


  • Tokyo
    Oedo-Onsen Monogatari ? (Daiba/Toyosu by boat)
    Shimokitazawa ? (Shimo-Kitazawa Station)
    Roppongi Hills ? (Roppongi)
    Akihabara Electric Town ? (Akihabara)
    Ginza ? (Ginza/Higashi-ginza/Ginza–itchōme)
    Ueno Zoo ? (Ueno)

    Aoyama Cementery ? (during Sakura season)
  • Kanagawa
    Cup Noodle Museum  ? (Minato-mirai)
    Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine ? (Kamakura)

    Enoshima Shrine ? (Enoshima)
    Yokohama Chinatown ? (Motomachi-Chukagai) 
    Minato Mirai ? (Minato-mirai)
    Kōtoku-in ? (Hase)
    Enoshima Fish Market ?(Enoshima)
  • Sapporo
    Ōdōri Park ? (Ōdōri)
    Sapporo Clock Tower ? (Ōdōri)
  • Fujiyoshida  
    Oshino Hakkai ? (By car/coach/Oshinohakkai bus stop)
    Lake Kawaguchi ? (By car/coach/Kawaguchiko)
    Oshino no Sato ? (By car/coach/Oshinoshinobinosato bus stop)

    Narusawa Museum of Mt. Fuji ? (By car/coach/Michinoekinarusawa)
    Fuji-Q Highland ? (By car/coach/Fujikyu-Highland)
  • Fukuoka
    Canal City ? (By bus/walk from Hakata station 10 mins)
    Kushida Shrine ? (By bus/walk from Hakata station 10 mins)
    Tochoji Shrine ? (Gion)
  • Nagoya
    SCMAGLEV and Railway Park ? (Kinjofuto)
    Nagoya Castle ? (Shiyakusho)
    Legoland Nagoya ? (Kinjofuto)
  • Hiroshima
    Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum ?  (Fukuromachi/Chuden-Mae)
  • Recommendations:


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