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Almighty Taste of Ddukbokki (떡볶이)

It’s going to seem like I’m proclaiming my love for one of my favourite foods but Ddukbokki is an amazing spicy side dish that you should have tried now especially if you love Korean food. To the point where I even cook it at home and it’s one of my favourite dishes. For a side/street food, it’s very well-liked and inexpensive (about ₩2000 – ₩4000 depending on where you buy). As everyone knows it’s a stir-fried rice cake that is usually made with fishcake, egg, dried anchovies and very rarely, ramyun noodles.

You’re most likely to first try it like me in your hometown’s local Korean restaurant. I think my first taste was in Assa. The texture and taste may be familiar for most Caribbean and Africans as it will seem similar to boiled dumplings. The spice however was unknown to me. In a way mixed with the ingredients, it was a mix of more sweet than spicy compared to other spices I have tasted (mainly among Caribbean and Mexican food) that straight up wants to burn your belly. Overtime, I found myself ordering it more and more.

Your next time is to have it in the heart of Korea. Busan’s Nampo and Seoul’s Hongdae, Edae and Myeongdong areas specifically likely to have street vendors that sell ddukbokki. Without a question, save your coins and have the authentic taste in the origin country.

I found that the taste in Korea is a little more spicier than having it in London or Tokyo but the portion amount is good and can even be a decent meal depending on the portion. You will rarely find it with noodles in Korea compared to your hometown as ramyun noodles is sacrely used with it, it’s more of an optional ingredient. Another optional item to have as seen my first picture of this post is cheese. Cheese really does make a whole lot of difference to the dish especially after adding the ramyun noodles and fishcake to it. There’s something about the sauce mixed with cheese that goes so well.

So what makes ddukbokki so loved? Not only is it easy to eat but the level of spice is not too bad for everyone to enjoy eating. Yopokki is the next level for fans of this side dish and it’s something I would like to try on my next trip to Korea. The love of ddukbokki is quite a thing, it got to the point where me and my friend came up with the idea of making our own ddukbokki pizza. A success, I would say! I wonder if anyone would be interested in a recipe of ddukbokki pizza or my own version of ddukbokki.
Yopokki is the next level for fans of this side dish and it’s something I would like to try on my next trip to Korea but I hope this will intrigue you to try one of my favourite Korean foods of all time.

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