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Madras at Taj Mahal, Streatham

In these times, it’s important to support more local restaurants and lately I’ve been going back and forth to order more Indian dishes from many amazing . During last year, I went with family to a small restaurant called Taj Mahal in my area and forgotten how much I missed eating Indian food. In my family, it’s not common to order food and on the rare occasion, it’s usually pizza or fish and chips. That’s why going to Taj Mahal was quite nice to go to, to explore more of the local restaurants I hadn’t been to.

Taj Mahal is situated just a minute walk away from Streatham Hill train station and has a nice atmosphere once entering. There’s a great amount of delicious curries, aloo’s and other dishes to choose from and the staff are happy to help explain anything you are not sure of.

There’s a lot of tasty dishes to try from Taj Mahal such as the Tandoori Sheek Kebab Starter, Bhuna chicken, Dopizana chicken, garlic naan and roti to get. The focus upon getting Indian takeaway in the UK is a delicious curry that has the right amount of seasoning and spice that can

Madras lamb curry was the highlight for this dinner. The aromatic flavour of a curry with the crunchiness of the onion tastes so delicious. This is also combined with the extra spice that is within Madras that didn’t have me grabbing for water, but definitely had me sniffling. I really enjoyed the high quality food and the portions were great, it’s probably one of the best Indian food I’ve had in South London in a while.

Since visiting, I have been enjoying the Naga lamb curry more which has a much more fiery and addictive taste than the Madras and most curries that I have tried from Taj Mahal. I find myself constantly ordering this curry which has earned a level 5 on the spice ranking too.

Taj Mahal

11A Leigham Ct Rd, London SW16 2ND @tajmahalstreathamWebsite

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