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The Health Benefits of Spicy food

I've always loved that spicy food is not only delicious, but it has some great benefits to my health. There are more perks of

Sichuan Restaurant in Greenwich (川妹子)

Sichuan is a powerful spice that has become one of my favourites. The lace is actually quite well-known in South East London a

Dapanji at Etles Uyghur

Up in North East London, there is a small restaurant a few minutes away from the Walthamstow Central station. This restaurant

How to Find the Spiciest Food Restaurants

It can be hard to find out where the spicy food is in your hometown or abroad if you're a first-timer. To be honest, it's not

Chilli Minced Udon in Shinjuku (坦々うどん)

Let's be real, Japan is NOT a country known for spicy food. But like I have mentioned in my previous part, there are little g

Spicy Foodies to Follow

Community is an important thing for bloggers and since starting my website, I’ve been looking excessively for other spic

How to upgrade your spice tolerance

There are times when honestly, it does become painful to eat, I have to admit. Like the first time I ate 불닭볶음면 (Nucl

Nyam Recipes – Tantanmen

Tantanmen is one of my favourite mince meat dishes and I used to eat it a lot while living in Japan, even with udon noodles...

Nyam Recipes – Scotch Bonnet Pepper Shrimp

Caribbean sauces like scotch bonnet always bring a wave of pepper to your mouth instantly. Scotch bonnet is a type of Caribbea