“She who controls the spice controls the universe.”

Frank Herbert


\ni-am\ To eat.

Often used by Caribbeans especially Jamaicans.

Striving to be the spicy connoisseur we all need. Originally I started an Instagram under a temporary name (foodwithny) in 2015 to practice my camera skills with food photography. But now I am planning to continue nyamming around the world trying as many dishes as I can find. Blog wise, more spicy and seasoned food posts will be written here while the instagram will have every food I’ve tried.

Spice and seasoning gives food more than just a kick to the whole dish, there are also health benefits without us knowing. You see, I’m really interested in spicy dishes and Asia. The first language I learnt outside my mother tongue was Japanese. The first (good) dish I made on my own was soba noodles. And my first solo travel was in Nepal. So for the past few years, I’ve been travelling back and forth and tasting what the East serves. When I’m not eating abroad, I’m trying to recreate the taste of what I’ve craved in my kitchen or explore my hometown to search for a taste of something with some heat inside.

Along with eating as much spicy dishes around the world, I’m trying to travel to as many countries on my wishlist. Below, you can see the countries that I’ve travelled to and there’s still a lot more I want to go to! All photos are taken with a OnePlus 7. At the moment I’m looking for a new camera under £400 so recommendations are wanted.

Where have I Travelled to?

Flag: Japan on JoyPixels 4.5

皆さん、美味しい辛いものを食べてとと家で料理を作り直すについて私のブログへようこそ!その言葉の意味「nyam」というは 「食べる」、カリビアンの人が使うことだ。2015年でカメラスキールを練習したいですから、初めてのインスタグラムをアップロードした。でも今年から世界中で辛いものを食べてみる。日本語を話せる人、 メール (nyasha@nyamwithny.com) を送ってください!それとも下でメッセージをしてください。時間があれば返事するよ。  

Flag: South Korea on JoyPixels 4.5

여러분, 맛있는 매운 음식과 요리법을 만들어 대해 내 블로그에 오신 것을 환영합니다! 그 말의 의미 “nyam”라고는 “먹는다”, 캐리비안의 사람이 사용하는 것이
요. 다 포스터가 영국어를 쓰고 있는데, 질문에 있으면, 나는 질문에 대답하기 위해 최선을 다 할 거에요. 일본어를 말하는 사람 이메일 (nyasha@nyamwithny.com)을 보내주세요! 아니면 아래에서 메시지를하십시오. 시간이 있으면 대답 해요.

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