Regular Travellers

Regular Travellers

Seasonal + Other Spots

Amusement parks (Seasonal)
Autumn/Winter Festivals (Seasonal)
Underrated spots

Spending Money

£800 – £1200 for 3-4 weeks. The weeks can vary and are just an estimation but this does include buying souvenirs, eating out and transportation around cities or towns.

Japanese Level

For people who are around N4 – N3 level. One is able to listen and speak coherent conversations in everyday situations, and can follow on what’s been talked about.


The nearest station is next to the place to visit.


By car or coach.


By tram.






Karaoke Places


Expect a lot from a foodie! Sorry but I don’t eat sushi or unagi no recommendations there.

Conbini recommendations:

  • 7-Eleven – Curry Pan, Fanta Melon, Karaage on a Stick, Fried Rice Onigiri
  • Daily Yamazaki – Calpis, Cup Noodle Spicy Seafood, Pure Gummy
  • Family Mart – Famichiki, Hamburger Onigiri, Vanilla Roll,
  • Lawsons – Dars White, Gyuudon Bento, L Chiki Red
  • Mini Stop – Juicy chicken (Plain or Spicy), Hot Lemon, Van Houten Cocoa (Autumn/Winter only)

Here’s also a list of additional food to try: Chakonabe, Chazuke, Hayashi, Monjaya, Motsunabe, Nikujaga, Oden, Shabu Shabu, Sukiyaki, Tamagoyaki, Teppanyaki, Wagyu, Yakisoba

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