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5 best desserts to have after eating spicy food

Something cold and sweet is a nice finish to have after any hot and spicy dish. Below, I’ve added 5 of the best desserts to have if you are not used to spicy food and what to eat afterwards. Most of these are dairy products that will neutralise capsaicin and fight the spice but for my lactose intolerant readers, please refer to dairy-free options. These choices are also perfect to recreate into a spicy dessert using chillies and other peppery ingredients if you would like.

Ice Cream

A common answer is ice cream. There are so many different flavours that you can choose from to be able to enjoy after your meal such as mint, ube, hojicha, neapolitan and dulce de leche. You can’t forget about the fruit flavours such as coconut, yuzu or mango that are great to consider too. Give it a try when you can!


Cheesecake is usually people’s second popular choice to have and they really are the perfect dessert for any occasion! There’s plenty of favourites to have after a chilli dish and the best ones would be strawberry, key lime, lemon and white chocolate in my opinion.


Chocolate is a standard option for many and it’s very popular, right? Chocolate tart, cheesecake, ganache – you name it! But I feel like the thickness of chocolate cake and the soft texture is a perfect choice to have after any spicy dish you will have!


Mousse is quite creamy and smooth. In my opinion, it gets overlooked in comparison to many other desserts as a choice to have after eating spicy food. Because of it’s texture being more softer than other desserts, it’s great to have in order to cool down your main dish! The range of flavours you can have as well is great such as strawberry and white chocolate, raspberry and mango.


Parfaits go hand in hand with ice cream but depending on what is in your parfait, it can either cool down your spice or completely freeze it off. There’s also fruit and yoghurt parfaits that have alternatives such as yoghurt granola, mixed berry and matcha.

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