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Nyam Recipes – Octopus & Shrimp Marinated in Yuzu Kosho

Yuzu Kosho (柚子こしょう) is a Japanese chilli citrus paste that is frequently used in salad, chicken and fish dishes...

Isaak’s: Trying Korean spicy food in Hong Kong

Trying another countries cuisine in another country can be a hit or miss and that's why authenticity matters like I mentioned

Nyam Recipes – Spicy Bulgogi Beef Udon

Bulgogi (불고기 or marinated BBQ beef) is a sweet and savoury meat loved by all in Korea. It's not something to eat only at

Dal Bhat, Nepali Curry

Another Nepali dish that was introduced to me in Hong Kong was Dal Bhat/ To put it simply, it's a lentil curry. Now while ther

The Real Jerk Review

It's always best to try local places and be able to recommend them with confidence to you all. The Real Jerk is owned by Ed an

3 Spicy Soups from Korea

One thing that got me to love soups (except for Jamaican soup) more were from Korean culture. Maybe it's the extra addition of

Murger Han’s Xi’an Biang Biang noodles

There are little gems hidden all around London that I have yet to discover but one place I enjoy going is located near the Uni

Nanban Brixton’s Lazy Ragú-men

I had always wanted to go to Nanban Brixton as it was one of the few Japanese restaurants with a fusion twist. Nanban or “

Nyam Recipes – Tantanmen

Tantanmen is one of my favourite mince meat dishes and I used to eat it a lot while living in Japan, even with udon noodles...