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TamJai SamGor’s Yunnan noodles

Hot and sour yunnan noodles is something I never thought I would enjoy. TamJai SamGor Mixian (譚仔三哥米線) is a famous chain that specialises in Mixian rice noodles from the Yunnan province of China. However I tasted my own custom made bowl in the heart of Hong Kong.

Originally my trip to Hong Kong was to experience more tastes of the country. Tamjai Sangor is one of the rare places that I got a taste of what Hong Kong offers but not from a traditional aspect. It’s more of a popular eatery where you sit down and order a bowl of sichuan level of spice to savour the taste of a numbing taste of pepper and also give you a run belly.

You see, it was originally founded in the 1900s as a family run business called TamJai Mixian (譚仔米線). The company was split in two due to shareholders in 2008, with two very similar names: TamJai SamGor Mixian and TamJai Yunnan Mixian.

The chain allows you a do-it-yourself experience with the selection of choosing your broth base, toppings and finally, choosing your level of spice for your dish out of nine levels from the menu. The mixture of toppings, soup broth and spice level in the dish my friend’s family recommend for me was quite delicious and intense.

I went there with my Nepalese friend’s family and spice is very common for their culture so they ordered the most spiciest. Topping wise, beansprouts, tofu skins and pork was asked for from what I can remember. Taking a sip of the broth, it will immediately numb your tongue for at least a few hours and well after it eventually has an effect on your stomach.

I would not recommend for lower level spice fanatics up to gochujang as it is quite a fiery sensation and in an already humid country as Hong Kong, you might overheat if you are not used to this kind of spice. However, the portion size is quite good for any foodie interested in challenging themselves to eat a whole bowl of this.

TamJai SamGor

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