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What is Seasoned Literature?

People like to sit down with a good book and have a snack or two while reading a few pages. But there’s always a great book that you can’t put down that could be eaten with a dish, and a spicy one especially! That’s why Seasoned Literature brings your love for spicy dishes together while introducing new books to you!

Seasoned Literature involves books from a various of genres within fiction and non-fiction written by people of colour and coming from marginalised backgrounds. I wanted to find a way to recommend good books that I’ve been reading since the start of the pandemic with a delicious dish! I’ve been giving permission by the original bloggers, chefs and foodies who let me add their recipes to these posts (with a link back, of course). But if you are also a food blogger, author or chef, please get in touch with me because I am looking for original or recreated recipes to be combined with a good story, especially if they are related to the author, character or within the book. The first one will be out very soon!

Thank you for doing the @nawaal_illustrations logo!

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