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My Spicy Food Bucket List 2021

2021 has to be a better year for all of us foodies and travellers. For some of us, travel has been put on hold because of the pandemic and we can’t take a risk. Travel is essential for me for three reasons: Experience a new country and their culture, annual escape from Brexit Wasteland (a.k.a The UK) and of course, try out the cuisine! If there’s anything spicy that the country is know for, I’m trying it out!

Since my 2010 plans were mostly put on hold, I’ve had to postpone and change things around though I’m not 100% sure. Next year, I’m hoping to revisit more countries to discover newer dishes as well as squeeze in a few new ones that I’ve always wanted to go to. Let me know if you have been to any of these countries and tried any of these.


TAIWA! I haven’t been back in two years but I miss being in the country. It’s all I could talk and anticipate this year. I want to go back for the nightlife, meet new people and eat, of course. Taiwan has such a big range of food such as hot pot and Taiwanese beef noodle soup to try. I’m sure there’s a lot more but I’ll have to get out of Taipei. I’m interested to see what food is in Hualien, Tainan and Kaoshiung if I have time.


I know when I went back to Japan, one of the first places I’m going back to is CoCo Ichibanya to try the 10辛. As mentioned before, I’ve only had the 6辛 level and never had the chance to have a higher level at the time. Having conquered the highest levels in six countries, it’d be wrong if I didn’t go back and try it, right? Here’s hoping my throat and stomach will be okay. http://nyamwithny.com/coco-ichibanya-japan-review/


I’ve always wanted to go to Greece to learn more about the Greek gods. Food wise? It’s a bit tricky. While I want to try some gyros, Tirokafteri (a spicy feta dip) and Spetsofai/Spetzofai (spicy sausages with peppers and tomato sauce) are two that I looked at while researching and would like to eat these if I go to Athens and Santorini.

And back home…

London has restaurants from around the world and I’m glad there are a lot of cuisines in the city that I grew up with. Because of this, some of the top places on my list are Apollo Banana Leaf, Barshu and Dishoom.

Apollo Banana Leaf specialises in Sri Lankan and South Indian cuisine in Tooting. I’ve always walked past Apollo Banana Leaf and it’s been packed every night. The menu online intrigues me as there’s a lot of dishes that are traditional or the restaurant’s specialities. The prices are standard and portions should be big. I would love to try Seafood Kothu, Chilli Masala Dosa and Mutton Jalfrezi. I imagine the food is all seasoned up but spiced up? I’ll have to see and let you know.

With Dishoom, I have heard so many foodies on Instagram, websites and from word of mouth how good Dishoom is. I heard the atmosphere is amazing and the dishes are exceptional. I’m especially interested in trying Sheekh Kebab and Mutton Pepper Fry as the description alone sounds tasty. Cannot wait to go!

So Barshu has been praised by reviewers but I don’t know many people who have been there. Hearing that it’s one of London’s spiciest restaurants is why it’s on my list. I can’t wait to try Fragrant Chicken in Piles of Chillies and discover more dishes.

I’m positive next year, it’ll be a little easier for foodie travellers to explore. If the governments took more serious action to the borders and the pandemic from the beginning, we’d feel less anxious and more comfortable while travelling. If I can also squeeze in Belgium and Scotland, that would be nice too. Eating another countries’ cuisine for me gives an insight into what new spices, peppers and seasoning are used and inspires me to share it with you all. I want to branch out to more spicy food in Europe, South America and Oceania in the next few years if the world’s situation gets handled properly.

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