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Gekikara from Kanada-Ya

Kanada-ya is a popular ramen house around London with a few branches around South and Central London. They have their own Gekikara which was completely different to Tonkotsu’s one with a fiery form of itself. This Gekikara took me by surprise!

Imagine I was eating it and the next minute, my body had overheated and I became so sweaty, my friend was so worried. Why? Let me explain…

Visually, this Gekikara was a bowl full of personality. The dish is filled with ingredients such as wood ear fungus, beansprouts, yuzu-shoyu and chashu pork belly. The best ingredient was the ball of minced pork, or tantan and that’s when the spicy will really hit you.

How would I describe the chilli in the minced pork Because of my body’s reaction to the peppers, it was slow at first. Then gradually as the heat hit me, it felt like a mix of habanero and sichuan. It’s a dish that definitely takes time to eat and consume but it’s worth the peppery sensation that goes through your body.

What makes me love Kanada-ya’s Gekikara is it lives up to it’s spicy reputation. While Tonkotsu had scotch bonnet mixed in it, Kanada-ya has karamiso and it really hit me more quickly than Tonkotsu’s Gekikara. Because of that, I really want to know what chillies are used. One thing I must say is that the corn fed broth is creamy and fortunately, it does not tone down the spice as it cools it down but it complements the taste.

Like Shoryu and Ippudo, Kanada-ya is one of the top ramen places that you’ll have to queue for dishes like Gekikara which are definitely worth the wait!


3 Panton Street, West End, london, SW1Y 4DL @kanada_ya_ldnwebsite

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