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Gurkha’s, Balham’s Finest for Spicy Nepali Cuisine

I hadn't eaten Nepali food in over two years and I was craving to have momo's again. I was happy to find out Gurkha's wasn't f

A Peppery Selection of Vietnam Dishes

Vietnam was a wondorous place with many dishes to try and places to explore. I regret not eating more when I explored Hanoi, H

Nyam Recipes – Jerk Chicken

There's no way you can go to a Caribbean household and have not eaten jerk chicken. It's one of those dishes that represent a

4 Cheap & Spicy Ramen in Tokyo

While living in Tokyo, it became a craving to try and find spots to eat ramen with less salt and a change in ingredients

Isaak’s: Trying Korean spicy food in Hong Kong

Trying another countries cuisine in another country can be a hit or miss and that's why authenticity matters like I mentioned

Sichuan Hot Pot at Haidilao

I have mentioned that I love Sichuan and I had heard that Hai Di Lao is a popular chain for Hot Pot in China that I had to go.

CoCo Ichibanya Korea Review

The first time I had CoCo Ichibanya outside of Japan was in Korea. I never thought it would be as popular outside of the count

Nyam Recipes – Spicy Bulgogi Beef Udon

Bulgogi (불고기 or marinated BBQ beef) is a sweet and savoury meat loved by all in Korea. It's not something to eat only at

The Health Benefits of Spicy food

I've always loved that spicy food is not only delicious, but it has some great benefits to my health. There are more perks of