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TamJai SamGor’s Yunnan noodles

Hot and sour yunnan noodles is something I never thought I would enjoy. TamJai SamGor Mixian (譚仔三哥米線) is a famous

Slurp, Presenting Pan-Asian Chilli Dishes

I'm so thankful that Slurp has continued to survive in 2020. One of Streatham's ongoing and most popular restaurants...

Taiwan’s Pork Pepper Buns (胡椒餅)

Only ten days had I visited Taipei and Jiufen and I had fallen in love with the country and what it introduced me to - good pe

Singapore Chinatown’s Top Chilli Dishes

Singapore definitely has a lot of offer what with a range of spicy dishes what with a range of spicy dishes from communities w

Is Seoul’s Tantanmen just as spicy?

Tantanmen is the Japanese substitute of Dandanmian (担担面) otherwise known as Sichuan noodles. It's always interesting for

CoCo Ichibanya Vietnam Review

Back again to one of the most recent CoCo Ichibanya spots - Vietnam, March 2019. While I missed out on having more peppery dis

Nyam Recipes – Octopus & Shrimp Marinated in Yuzu Kosho

Yuzu Kosho (柚子こしょう) is a Japanese chilli citrus paste that is frequently used in salad, chicken and fish dishes...

Gurkha’s, Balham’s Finest for Spicy Nepali Cuisine

I hadn't eaten Nepali food in over two years and I was craving to have momo's again. I was happy to find out Gurkha's wasn't f

A Peppery Selection of Vietnam Dishes

Vietnam was a wondorous place with many dishes to try and places to explore. I regret not eating more when I explored Hanoi, H