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CoCo Ichibanya Taiwan Review

Amidst by trip to Taiwan, you know while I was there, I had to continue the #cocoichibanyaworldtour. I was lucky that nearby my hotel, not only was there a pepper cakes, Coco Ichibanya was near too. I must say, CoCo Taiwan does not disappoint. It is to date, the closest to the original CoCo in Japan out of the five other branches I’ve been to more reviews to come for each branch surely but slowly.

My memory is a little vague but the Taiwan levels are a little odd numbered but I’m sure I had a level 5/7 but please correct me if I’m wrong. Compared to Japan and the UK, I wanted to try how my signature was in Taiwan (pork katsu, cheese and vegetables). I tried that level because I was unkown of the spice Taiwan could bring me at the time. The odd number of the spice levels threw me off.

Level 5 can actually heat up your body and put quite a bit of fire down your throat. I was so satisified not just by the heat but the taste was just as great as the spice I endured. The taste of my signature was just right and expected like in Japan, the spill of cheese all over the curry was amazing.

It’s soft to eat and the cheese complements it of course. The spice never stopped leaving my throat and even after the peppery taste left, I started getting sleepy from how full I’ve been. It’s the most similar to Japan so far. There were a range of new items such as curry bread sticks, cheese fried fish and mapo curry.

Ranking List

  1.  CoCo Ichibanya Japan / Spice Rank 7
  2. CoCo Ichibanya Taiwan / Spice Rank 6
  3. CoCo Ichibanya UK / Spice Rank 4

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