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Gurkha’s, Balham’s Finest for Spicy Nepali Cuisine

I hadn’t eaten Nepali food in over two years and I was craving to have momo’s and try other Nepali dishes. I was happy to find out Gurkha’s wasn’t far and had a reasonable mix of spicy dishes, as Nepali food would.

To get straight into it, I chose Pahadi Lamb and my favourites, momo’s. The dish was new to me but it was delicious and one of two dishes advised by the waiter, an authentic dish from Nepal.

I chose Pahadi Lamb because it was one of the spiciest dishes in the restaurant. It consists of tender pieces of lamb along with green chillies, tomato and curry leaves. It’s spicy but not that spicy. The tomato mixes with the chillies diminishes a lot of the chilli and I know if you request, it can be much spicier.

The only thing I wish I had more spice was the achaar sauce as I asked for more pepper but unlike a home cooked version, it would be considered normal for a spice veteran like myself. If I can go back, I want to try iro Tofu, Khorsani Chicken and Sunsari Pork (the area Sunsari is a province in Nepal) as it’s highly recommended (the second dish that the waiter recommended).

I know that I’ve only had a small introduction into Nepali food even now and there’s so much more that I want to try from. Not only at home but at Gurkha’s and other restaurants which I’ll be visiting very soon.


1 The Boulevard, London, SW17 7BW ・https://gurkhasbalham.co.uk/

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