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Murger Han’s Xi’an Biang Biang noodles

There are little gems hidden all around London that I have yet to discover but one place I enjoy going is located near the University I graduated from. Murger Han serves authentic Xi’an food such as Murger, known as the world’s oldest sandwich/hamburger and one of my favourites, BiangBiang noodles. A lot of their dishes have chilli oil or chilli sauce but one in particular that they are known is the BiangBiang noodles.

Known for it’s length and thickness, I recommend trying BiangBiang when it includes braised pork, tomato & egg sauce, spring onion and chilli oil to the dish. Some friends I know prefer without the pork and get the spring onion & chilly oil one but in my opinion I think it tastes better with it all inside the dish.

It’s handmade to be this 12ft long!

The chilli oil infuses it’s peppery taste with the other ingredients especially when you dip the noodles into the oil. As the spice radiates into the noodles, it creates this prolonged fiery aroma to your nose but not really to your mouth. It’s one of those dishes that progressively gets spicier especially with the oil mixed in. The spice can slowly creep up to you if you aren’t frequently used to chilli oil dishes.

BiangBiang noodles is available at both branches but my next trip will be to the Mayfair branch next time to try their La Tiao Zi (Vegan udon noodles) as it is similar in terms of being a type of thick noodles and enjoyed with a combination of other ingredients.

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  1. One of my favourite spicy Chinese places… have you tried Bar-Shu in Chinatown for spicy Sichuan food?

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